Anasa Life

A luxury vegan brand

Body Care Products


An exotic blend of argan, avocado and aloe butters, scented with high grade parfum.  Luxurious lightweight moisture. 

8oz/236ml  $24.99

Coco Smooth

A harmonious blend of fair trade organic shea butter and extra virgin organic coconut oil blended with high grade parfum. Intensive all over moisture.   

8oz/236ml  $12.99   

Sugah Scrub

Organic sugar cane crystals soaked in oils and botanicals to deliver instantly soft and subtle skin. 

8oz/236ml $9.99

Shower Souffle

A creamy start to a moisturizing finish. Creamy billows of soap leave skin feeling clean and moisturized from a small dallop.  

8oz/236ml  $14.99


Strong on odor control yet gentle on skin. Control your body's natural processes naturally.

2oz/60ml $11.99