Anasa Life

Formerly Msprity Spa Luxuries


An exotic blend argan, avocado and aloe butters, scented with high grade parfum.  8oz $25

Coco Smooth

Richer skin emollient, exceptional for dry skin. Available in several scent variations.  8oz/$10   12oz $20

Shower Souffle

A thick creamy body cleanser and moisturizer, loaded with aloe vera    8oz/$10     12oz/$15

Sugah Scrub

Gentle daily exfoliation. Available in several scents    8oz/$10 12oz $20

Skin So Smooth Set

A combo of coco smooth and sugah scrub 8oz sizes of each.       16oz $20

Nail Veil AF

Prevents and treats nail fungus    1oz $10

Nail Veil CO

Cuticle oil. Nourishes nail beds and cuticles.                      1oz $5