Anasa Life

Formerly Msprity Spa Luxuries


Hair Butter

A combination of nourishing and protective oils  and butters blended with essential oils. This butter stimulate hair growth and strength . It feeds the scalp and hair follicle too while improving hair porosity and elasticity to promote and sustain hair growth. Good for all hair types. Massage into scalp and into hair from root to tip

4oz $9.99

Scalp Scrub

Exfoliation releases and refreshes. Essential oils of rosemary, tea tree and peppermint stimulate, nourish and keep hair shaft, scalp and follicle healthy. Use once a week. Follow with our signature hair butter for optimal results

4oz $8

Hair Serum

A combination of nourishing and protective oils blended with essential oils that stimulate hair growth, strengthen and feed the scalp and hair follicle.Promotes hair elasticity for hair growth. Massage into scalp and down shaft into hair from root to tip.

4oz $20


Our "no-poo" approach to cleansing and clarifying the scalp, bulb, follicle and shaft. Our essential oil blend penetrates deep to cleanse from root to tip. A blend of geranium, palmarosa and tangerine provide just the balance needed for cleansing without stripping.

9oz $15

Hair Conditioner

An avocado based conditioner that detangles, moisturizes, seals and protects. Great for twists out and as a leave in.

8oz/236ml $10