Anasa Life

Formerly Msprity Spa Luxuries

Soy Butter

Vegan hair to toe creme. Available in several scent variations.    8oz $20

Coco Smooth

Richer skin emollient, exceptional for dry skin. Available in several scent variations.                            12oz $20

Shower Souffle

A thick creamy body cleanser and moisturizer, loaded with aloe vera                                                     12oz $15

Sugah Scrub

Gentle daily exfoliation. Available in several scents                       12oz $20

Skin so smooth set

A combo of coco smooth and sugah scrub 8oz sizes of each.                                                                    16oz $20

Nail Veil AF

Prevents and treats nail fungus

                                               1oz $10

Nail Veil CO

Cuticle oil. Nourishes nail beds and cuticles.                                    1oz $5

Cuticle Creme

Nourishing creme that conditions cuticle and feeds the nail bed.   1oz $6